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Welcome to vhn

With over a decade of expertise in the field, the team at Validators Heaven Network boasts a distinguished history of deploying cloud infrastructures and implementing automation solutions. Members of our team have previously worked with prestigious organizations, including Microsoft, as well as various governmental bodies within the United Kingdom.


Our team is comprised of leading experts specialising in automating large-scale infrastructures for blockchain technologies.


At Validators Heaven Network, we use an extensive array of automation tools to seamlessly deploy and monitor infrastructure, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.


We take immense pride in serving as a trusted partner to our clients, dedicated to maintaining the integrity and security of their blockchain networks.

What we do

At Validators Heaven Network, we are a team of blockchain developers using automation for monitoring and infrastructure deployment.

Our deployments are handled by automation pipelines.
We continually aim to offer services at competitive rates.
We are elastic in terms of scaling depending on current demand.

Cloud Providers

Validators heaven network - Azure


Azure is a comprehensive cloud computing service created by Microsoft for building, testing, deploying, and managing applications and services through Microsoft-managed data centers.

Validators heaven network - Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean

DigitalOcean is a cloud infrastructure provider focused on simplifying web infrastructure for software developers with its easy-to-use platform for deploying, managing, and scaling applications.

Validators heaven network - Contabo


Contabo is a web hosting and cloud services provider known for offering high-performance, cost-effective solutions for servers, VPS, and dedicated hosting.

Tools and Partners

By forging strategic partnerships and harnessing the finest tools available in this sector, we continue to enhance our operational capabilities and set new benchmarks in industry excellence.


We use Terraform to automate and manage our infrastructure with code, which enables us to deploy and scale cloud resources efficiently and consistently.


We use Ansible to automate and streamline the configuration and management of our IAAC infrastructure.


We use Grafana to visualize, monitor, and analyze our operational metrics and performance data across various sources in real time.


We use GitHub as a powerful collaboration platform and version control system to manage our software development projects.


We use Kubernetes to orchestrate and manage containerized applications across a cluster of machines, ensuring that our applications run efficiently and reliably.


We use Docker to streamline the development, deployment, and scaling of applications by containerizing them.

What our customers are saying

Our testimonials highlight the impactful results and exceptional experiences provided by our services.

I have been using the services of VHN specialists for over a year to host my Myria nodes and the reliability has been second to none.

Discord User

Member of vhn

Onboarding process for my Taiko nodes has been very smooth and the team has been nothing but supportive with all the questions i had.

Disord User

Member of vhn

The team has been very fast to onboard new nodes when requested by the community. Keep up the good work!

Discord User

Member of vhn

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